The Lure of the Library


Modern Research Methods

Students who are used to looking up information online will find the library still offers many resources, and learning how to use them is important. For those who just want a little information to help their studies, they might find exactly what they need with a few clicks on their phone, computer or tablet. Those who are doing a project or paper might need to show their sources of information, so the library could be their best choice. Not all online resources are sufficient for academic work, so going to the school or municipal library is generally required.

One of the reasons many educators refuse to allow students to incorporate online sources in their academic papers is the lack of proper vetting. There are few standards when it comes to online sites, so students are often forced to refer to established periodicals or even books for their information. While it might seem an unusable resource, checking online sources for a direction or basic information is often a time-saving way to begin research.